Karen greatly improved the expression of my website. My business needs were listened to closely and our communication lines were always kept open. Whilst Karen respects clients' ideas, she also keeps her keen design and conceptual eye constantly watchful to ensure a great professional result.
A. Aardenburg - Owner Mirotek

Within a short time my one page website was a reality. A complete concept, a slick, modern design and really effective copywriting expressing exactly the message I wished to convey.
H. Konings - Director Dsign Agency

I wanted something different. Not much text, but a simple, striking logo and visuals to convey the presence of an outsourcing design studio with a difference. Karen delivered a spot-on job.
B.Tijink - Owner Kommunikasie

We were opening our new store in a matter of days and had no idea of logo design direction and how to make our design visuals echo our store vision. Karen promptly engaged herself and emerged with logo, print and website all of which we love.
P. van Vliet - Owner Foodsense

We didn't feel like building a website from scratch ourselves, that's where Karen came in very handy. Well suited for beginners and businesses looking to create and maintain their own websites in an easy way, Karen was very helpful from day one, suggesting several templates, ways to create a website and how to implement SEO. We'd recommend Karen especially for small websites and start-ups.
Dio Buchner - Citea, Amsterdam's finest tea shop

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